Who Are We?

Demavinssy Showroom offers unique sales and press representation for each brand and designer. We are an innovative company that presents high-end fashion brands and designers. Our goal is to communicate directly and intimately with each of our brands in order to create the best service to our clients. It is very important for us to establish the target audience of each brand to provide appropriate product placement, celebrity endorsement as well as brand recognition on the market. We aim to achieve maximum exposure for our brands and to do this, we offer consultation for the brands we represent. This would include consultation in terms of product optimization, marketing efforts and PR.

Mono-Brand Strategy

Next to multi-brands strategy Showroom Demavinssy offers a unique mono-brand strategy. Independent stores remain the best place to experience the difference between luxury and non luxury. This creates demands from thousands of customers. Nowadays, having a mono-brand strategy is the main target for most brands existing in this competitive market. Showroom Demavinssy has distributed brands nationally and internationally by understanding the market of today. Demavinssy aims to provide the right financial investors, customers and other relevant connections that will lead to a successful mono-brand strategy. 

Work With Us

Our expertise is unique and accumulated top quality management. Key individuals responsible for the development of each brand we represent. Demavinssy enjoys high management loyalty with an average length of a current employment record of 5 years. Demavinssy has subsidiary-level long term incentive schemes for top management, linking the remuneration to projections of operating income and cash flow.